Activated Carbon Consulting Services

We are at the forefront of Activated Carbon technology and key members of our team have been involved in the successful design, commissioning and management of the largest Activated Carbon plants in the world today. We have experience working with 2000 MT per Annum plants right up to 30,000 MT per Annum plants and specialize in Coconut Shell and Wood based Physical (Steam) Activation Technologies. We also have experience in Coal and Biomass based Activated Carbon and are actively involved in R&D to access other viable raw material sources for Activated Carbon production.

We provide the following services to the Activated Carbon Industry:

  • Troubleshooting and Plant Upgrades
    We can troubleshoot and fix any problems you have with your existing Activated Carbon facility or work with you to upgrade your plant to increase production capacity and improve quality, efficiency and conversion yields. We also offer consulting services to help you streamline your operations, obtain plant and product certifications like ISO, NSF and reduce your production environmental footprint by reducing plant emissions and implementing green technologies to make your plant self-sufficient (i.e. reuse waster water, use heat energy to power your plant and electricity needs etc.)
  • Project Feasibility
    We can work with your business to assess the viability of an Activated Carbon project or venture. We have intensive experience preparing Feasibility Reports, Budgetary Forecasts, Plant Valuations and any other analysis work required for you to be confident when undertaking a new Activated Carbon project or venture.
  • Sales and Marketing
    We have extensive experience in manufacturing Activated Carbon product ranges for various applications such as Water / Air Purification, Gold Recovery, Solvent Recovery, Automobile Cabin Air filters, Cigarette Filters, Gas Storage Carbons, Gas Masks Carbons, pH adjusted Carbons for special applications, Food Grade Carbons etc. and we work exclusively with some large manufacturing plants to overlook their quality. We can help your business source high quality Activated Carbon to any custom specification and ensure shipments are delivered on time and to the agreed quality specifications.
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