Charcoal & Bio Energy Consulting Services

We have widespread experience in the Charcoal and Bio Energy industries and have designed, built and commissioned large, integrated Biomass systems for charcoal manufacturing and energy production and distribution. We proudly do our own design, R&D and engineering work and our Bio Energy systems are of our own proprietary design. Whatever your Biomass raw material is, we are confident we can commission a Bio Energy solution to convert your Bio-Waste source into fuel, heat, steam, pressure or electric energy.

We provide the following services to the Bio Energy Industry:

  • Charcoal & BioChar Manufacturing
    We can design, fabricate and commission environmentally-friendly plants to convert your Bio Waste into high quality Charcoal.
  • Biomass Carbonisation Systems for Energy Generation
    We have our own proprietary designed Biomass Carbonisation system that can be used to convert Biomass raw material such as Coconut Shell, Coconut Husk, Wood Chips and other Bio Wastes into Charcoal and Bio Energy (Heat, Steam, Pressure and Electricity). The Charcoal becomes a raw material/fuel for industries like Activated Carbon and Agriculture. Our Biomass Carbonisation system runs continuously and with minimum operational oversight and maintenance which ensures continued energy production.
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We also provide services to the Activated Carbon Industry.
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