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Providing Technology Solutions and Consulting Services to Build and Upgrade Production Plants.

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Delivering Innovative Engineering Solutions to Produce High Quality Charcoal and Generate Biomass Based Energy.

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We provide Activated Carbon, Charcoal and Bio Energy Technology Solutions that work.

P & M provide services to the Activated Carbon, Charcoal and Bio Energy industries. Our team has over 35 years combined experience in these fields and come with a wealth of knowledge and innovative engineering thinking. We can provide independent project-consulting services or work with your engineering and procurement teams to implement projects within scope and budget.

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Our Services

We provide the following Consulting Services to the Activated Carbon, Charcoal and Bio Energy Industry Industries.

Activated Carbon Industry Services

  • Troubleshooting and Plant Upgrades
    We can troubleshoot and fix any problems you have with your existing Activated Carbon facility or work with you to upgrade your plant.
  • Project Feasibility
    We can work with your business to assess the viability of an Activated Carbon project or venture.
    > Activated Carbon Project Feasibility Study
  • Sales and Marketing
    We can help you source high quality Activated Carbon and ensure the consistent delivery of your shipments.
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Charcoal, Bio Energy Industry Services

  • Charcoal & BioChar Manufacturing
    We can design, fabricate and commission environmentally-friendly plants to convert your Bio Waste into high quality Charcoal.
  • Biomass Carbonisation Systems for Energy Generation
    We have our own proprietary designed Biomass Carbonisation system that can be used to convert Bio Waste raw material into Energy.
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Activated Carbon Project Feasibility

We provide a comprehensive project feasibility study service for new ventures.

We have helped numerous organisations to commission their activated carbon manufacturing facilities. We offer a comprehensive activated carbon project feasibility service that looks at project feasibility elements like global market trends and market demand, manufacturing process, raw material procurement plans, financial feasibility (project cost / return on investment) etc.

P&M - Intro - Solutions built around Technology.

About P & M

With a strong foundation in R&D we strive to deliver Future Ready Solutions to Manufacturers.

Our team has over 35 combined years in the Activated Carbon industry setting up and managing Activated Carbon manufacturing plants in countries like India and Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

We set ourselves apart by focusing on R&D, Technology, Production Quality, "Green" production initiatives to ensure that the plants we work on are ready to meet the growing global demands of Activated Carbon in the near future.

We are keen to work with existing manufacturers and new investors to build and deliver the next generation of Activated Carbon, Charcoal and Bio Energy production plants.

Click on each tab below to read more about the highlights of our team's past projects and achievements in the Activated Carbon field.

About P&M
Sri Lanka
North India
South India
South India
South India

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Plant Upgrade Project (Sri Lanka, 2012 - 2013)

Working with an established Activated Carbon manufacturer since 2012, we upgraded their plant in Sri Lanka helping them resolve critical production issues and improve the Quality Assurance (QA) process for their export shipments.

  • The project involved finding and fixing critical production issues the plant has inherited from previous technology providers.
  • New streamlined processes and automation was also introduced to improve and maintain QA.

Wood Based Activated Carbon Plant Upgrade Project (North India, 2014 - 2015)

Working with one of the oldest Wood Based Activated Carbon manufacturers in India, we upgraded one of their plants to produce export quality Wood Based Activated Carbon.

  • The existing plant was shut down due to outdated technology issues, the plant upgrade involved introducing new production technology and the fabrication and commissioning of custom built machinery.
  • The plant is located in a area which is affected by varying extreme weather conditions (hot summers and cold and rainy winters), the technology introduced by us works well in any condition and is essentially "weather proof" to keep the plant running through these various conditions.

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Greenfield Plant Project (South India, 2009 - 2010)

Designed and commissioned a 4000 MT/A coconut shell Activated Carbon plant in South India.

  • This was a complete Greenfield project and our Chief Consultant was involved from start to finish (project analysis, bank appraisals, obtaining clearances, plant construction and management etc).
  • Technology was introduced for both complete state of the art Carbonisation and Activation units.

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Greenfield Plant Project (South India, 2009)

Designed and commissioned a 30,000 MT/A coconut shell Activated Carbon plant in South India for a European multinational Activated Carbon company.

  • This project was started in January 2009 and the plant was set up in 8 months with the first stage of the plant going into full commercial production.
  • In the first 8 months 3500 MT of Activated Carbon was manufactured and dispatched to the international market.
  • This plant is considered to be one of the best Activated Carbon Plants in the world.

Coconut Shell Activated Plant Project (South India, 1998 - 2008)

Designed and commissioned a 10,000 MT/A coconut shell Activated Carbon plant in South India.

  • This is an ISO certified plant which received the "Presidential Export" award.
  • This plant is currently still in active operation and running to capacity supplying quality Activated Carbon to international markets.

Activated Carbon Consulting Projects (Malaysia, 1993 - 1998)

Between the period of 1993-1998 our Chief Consultant was extensively involved in various Activated Carbon projects in Malaysia. Below are some of the highlights from these projects.

  • Designed and commissioned a 800 MT/A coconut shell Activated Carbon plant in Malaysia.
  • Modified an existing kiln to international standard and designed and commissioned one more production kiln unit whereby doubling the production and reducing the total investment by 50%.
  • Designed and commissioned a 4000 MT/A coconut shell Activated Carbon plant in Malaysia.


P&M are currently looking for a serious investment partner to join us in a strategic long term project in South India. The project will the first of it's kind in India and will have a deep impact in the Global Activated Carbon manufacturing and consumer market.

P&M - Opportunities - Long Term Partnership.
Long Term Partnership

We are looking for a partner who is in for the long term benefits we propose and not just quick turn arounds and ROIs.

P&M - Opportunities - Hands on Contributor.
Hands on Contributor

Our ideal partner will bring in hands on experience and be involved in management and governance duties.

To discuss this opportuniy with us, please email us on

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